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ACTFL encourages members with shared interests to network and share information within the larger structure of the association. To facilitate these activities, we have established Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide continuous networking and information sharing on a specific topic or area of interest to a subset of our overall membership. SIGs operate under the aegis of ACTFL and are a vital component of the member service activities.

SIGs operate year-round through the ACTFL community, newsletters, webinars, and sessions at the ACTFL Annual Convention & World Languages Expo. Your ACTFL membership includes unlimited access to all SIG communities below. To join the SIGs, visit ACTFL Central, and simply click on the join button on any of the available communities.

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How to Form a New SIG

If you are interested in forming a SIG that is not listed below, review the guidelines for SIG formation here. You can click here to support a new SIG that has already been proposed (new SIGs must get 150 signatures to form).

Full List of All Available SIGs

African-American Students

Provides a public forum for the discussion of issues relating to African American students and their needs as language learners.


Serves as a network for and information sharing among Arabic language and culture instructors.

Cinema (Film)

Seeks to respond to the increasing interest in and use of films in language instruction, acquisition and assessment.

Community Colleges

Provides leadership and cohesiveness to the teaching of foreign languages at the community college level.

Comprehension-based Communicative Language Teaching

Seeks to foster among members a better understanding of the role of input and comprehension in the development of language proficiency.

Critical and Social Justice Approaches

Promotes and supports critical and social justice approaches in language instruction.

Distance Learning

Provides a forum for the discussion of strategies, program models, and the many challenges facing distance learning educators.

Heritage Languages

Represent the concerns of and provide a network for the heritage languages teaching community.


To expand opportunities for dialogue, information exchange, professional development and research initiatives among ACTFL’s dual language/immersion educators who work in and advocate for school-based, preK-16 language immersion programs throughout the U.S.


Provides a forum for discussion of Korean teaching, a networking system and a voice for Korean teachers.

Languages for Specific Purposes

Unites educators from a range of disciplines to discuss and define goals and best practices to provide students with real-world, global perspectives and transferable skills aligned with skills employers seek.

Language Learning for Children

The Language Learning for Children (LLC) SIG promotes and supports early language programs in the U.S. through advocacy, networking and articulation.

Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL)

Promotes the learning, knowledge and needs of LCTLs and the development of policies and the sharing of best teaching practices.

Modern Greek

Provides a forum for the Modern Greek language and culture teaching community.


Promotes and support Portuguese programs in the U.S.A. through advocacy, networking and articulation.


Provides leadership in conducting research to inform instructional practices and build theory, as well as demonstrate how research is shaped by knowledge and theory generated from instructional practices.


The German SIG provides a professional network for German-language educators, promotes the teaching and learning of the language and cultures of the German-speaking countries, promotes articulation between pre-collegiate and post-secondary German language programs, with issues that are of interest also to teachers in AP and IB programs, and represents the German-language teaching community within ACTFL.

Spanish for Heritage Learners

Concerned with the teaching and learning of Spanish for individuals who have a home background in the language.

Teacher Development

Provides a forum for the discussion of foreign language teacher preparation, both at the preservice and the inservice levels.

Teaching & Learning of Culture

Encourages a better understanding of the teaching of culture and its place in the foreign language curriculum.

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